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Dog Food

Sticky Meaty Mix - Worker  15kg - £15.50

Using the finest ingredients, selected and blended to produce our Sticky Mix with beef. Suitable for all breeds and weight.
Specially formulated to keep sporting, working dogs and household furry friends in peak condition.
Rich in Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, oils and real beef chunks.

15kg bags - £15.50

Worker Mix  15kg - 11.85

Formulated for sporting & working dogs.

Added vitamins and minerals for general well being.

24% protein & 10% oil

Pedro Platinum Puppy - 10kg - £15.20

High performance feed designed to meet the needs of all sporting dogs

Increased meat content for increased digestibility

Rich in omega 3 and 6 for general appearance, condition and well being

Nutritionally balanced for Bone and muscular development

Composition Cereal, Meat & animal derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, oils & fats, derivatives of vegetable origin, fish & fish derivatives, minerals

Additives Per KG Vitamin A 19500iu/kg, Vitamin D3 2500iu/kg, Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate 15mg/kg, Calcium Iodate, anhydrous 1.5mg/kg, Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate 100mg/kg, Zinc Oxide 100mg/kg, Manganous Oxide 40mg/kg, Sodium Selenite 0.1mg/kg

Protein 28%, Oils & Fats 13%, Fibre 3%, Ash 3%

Pedro Beef Nuts - 15kg - £13.85

A complete balanced food for all types of dogs, Pedro Nuts with Beef is a complete and balanced dog food for working and sporting dogs. Made with beef for a great flavour, it’s developed to help sustain energy and endurance. With essential vitamins and minerals, its highly palatable to provide complete satisfaction for your dog.

Pedro Chicken Nuts - 15kg - £13.85

A balanced dog food diet designed to provide good levels of protein and fat with slow releasing carbohydrates Suitable for all adult dogs

Composition Cereals, Meat & animal derivatives (Min 4% Chicken), oils & fats, minerals.

Protein 21%

Oils & Fats 8%

Fibre 8%

Ash 2.5%

Pedro Value Dog Nuts with Beef - 15kg - £13.50

This Pedro Value Dog Food in Beef is specially formulated for resting greyhounds and working dogs.  A nutritionally complete diet with all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need.

Pedro Country Muesli - 15kg - £15.85 

Country Muesli is a complete and balanced dog food for working and sporting dog

With Real meaty chunks gives the high levels of protein needed for strong muscles,

Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals for teeth and bones

Natural oils for outstanding natural coat shine

Most palatable in our range

Top quality oils give extra energy,

Cereals, biscuits and peas boost the carbohydrate ensuring sustained stamina

Pedro Muesli Supreme - 15kg - £18.95

With Beef and Veg is a specifically prepared complete food, to support the energy requirements of sporting or working dogs. 

Can be fed to your dog dry


Pedro Eco Chicken & Rice - 15kg - £15.55
Hypoallergenic with added Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils

Poultry Feed

Layers Pellets

Suitable for all types, breeds and ages of laying poultry. Nutritionally balanced and formulated for feeding from point of lay to depletion. Produces quality eggs with good shells and yolk colouring. Produced with fully traceable raw materials.
20kg bags - £9.15

Mixed Poultry Corn
One of our best sellers. Made with UK Wheat and Kibbled French Maize it can be considered a Non GM feed. Resisting the trend to use more wheat and less maize, our 50/50 mix of Wheat and Kibbled Maize, gives a top quality, clean and reliable feed.

20kg bags - £9.35

Deluxe Mixed Corn
Based on our standard Mixed Corn but with the addition of Black Sunflower Seed, Red Dari and Kibbled Green Peas, giving a more varied mix for your poultry.

20kg bags - £9.95

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