Side By Sides

Havoc X
Stampede 4x4 EPS
Utility Side by Side - Prowler 500, Prowler 700HDX, Prowler 1000XT, Prowler 700 Crew

Sport Side by Side - Wildcat Sport XT, Wildcat 1000 X Ltd

Sport Side by Side - 4 seater - Wildcat 1000 4X
Sport Side by Side Trail - Wildcat Trail 700 XT

Havoc X
Is it a work vehicle? A rec vehicle? Or something else entirely? Turns out, it’s all of the above. Our ruthless Havoc side-by-side features a class-leading suspension system, King Shocks, 100HP and 2,000 pounds of towing capacity. It’s built with a work ethic and a sense of adventure — so you can create Havoc however you want.

Stampede 4x4 EPS

An 80HP EFI engine precision-tuned to explore and dominate. An unrelenting suspension system that keeps you comfortable all day long, and a driving experience designed to make an off-road journey feel like a ride in your pickup. Fully customizable, fully reliable and ready to take on any challenge.


Prowler 700 HDX
The HDX XT is the ultimate working machine, available in a 700 and 500 model, and ready to take on the tougher tasks. New in 2016 is the bring-it-on body style and automotive-style hood. The payload is the payoff, with an industry-leading tilting 2-in-1 cargo box converting to a flatbed for 1,000 lbs./ 454kg of carrying capacity on top of rugged FOX FLOAT coil-over adjustable shocks. Side and underhood compartments store your work essentials, while tilt steering and the three-person bench seat are perfect for when your cargo includes a couple extra helping hands.

Wildcat Sport LT

Legendary performance is what makes Wildcat Sport, XT and Limited models purr. Trail or off-trail, each features a low center of gravity and high power-toweight ratio, giving you better acceleration, climbing ability and top-end speed, so you can ride confident. Standard packages have a 60" wheel stance and high-performance suspension. The XT gets electronic power steering (EPS) plus packs nitrogen-charged JRi ECX shocks. The Limited boasts Elka Stage 5 shocks with high/low compression dampening and EPS. To top it off, Carlisle® Trail Pro® 4-ply tires devour tough terrains as you ride inside full doors.

The Alterra Range

400, 450, 500, 700, 700XT, 1000XT
We took the brand-new body style and endless capabilities of the full-sized Alterra, and adapted them for the more compact 450/400 mid-sized models. Part workhorse, part warrior, these machines are more nimble, lightweight and versatile than the competition. Everything from the Duramatic automatic transmission, trail-tuned independent suspension, on-the-fl y 2WD/4WD and rear hitch, all the way down to the front winch and powder coated steel rims that give you 10"/25,4 cm of ground clearance. Needless to say, we didn’t mess around with these newly styled Alterras. 

Alterra 450

Alterra 700

Utility 2-Up
Alterra TRV700, TRV700XT, TRV1000XT

Alterra TRV 700 XT

Alterra TRV 1000 XT

Further models available, please call to discuss your requirements