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7x4 Road Tow Trailer - c/w lights, full height mesh sides and drop down ramp door
7x4 Road Tow Trailer - c/w lights and drop down ramp door
5x3'3 Off Road Stock Trailer with fold down sides and drop down ramp door.


Trailers and Dividers

ATV Trailer (Various Sizes)

Twin Axle ATV Trailer (Various Sizes)


Plastic Tipping Trailer

This trailer has been designed to be lightweight and versitile to make your jobs around the farm, stables and garden easier. It has been designed to be easily manoeuvred making it ideal for use in tighter spaces like stables and gardens.  It has been designed with a powder coated frame to support the corrosion free and rot proof trailer body, giving you an advanateg over convential trailers as you can transport wet heavy loads easily and the trailer will be easily cleaned. The body of the trailer has been manufactured from high density polythylene making it strong and sturdy. It has been designed to tackle everyday work on your farm, stable, estate and gardens making it more superior to ANY wheelbarrow.  Comes standard with 50mm hitch however optional pin for attachment to a lawnmower.

Main features include

  • 240L, 300L, 360L or 500L Capacity
  • Corrosion & Rot proof body
  • Lever assisted tipping mechanism
  • 6" wide Turf Tyres - Ideal for softer/rougher ground
  • Only in black available
  • Optional pin to allow towing with a lawnmower


Weed Wipers




Muck Spreaders




Quad Bike Seats & Covers


Sprayers (Various makes)

Dog Mat

This dog mat has the added protection of coming down the plastics on the ATV.  So when your 4 legged helper jumps up, it will not scratch your plastics. It also goes over the racks, making sure they don't get their legs trapped between the bars.

Other Accessories


Heated Handlebar Grips

Heated Handlebar Mitts
Front Buckets
Yard Scrapers

and many more